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MaxiSense IoTech Limited

Experience the Power of Simplicity and Elegance - iSmartCloud, the Ultimate IoT Solution with Endless Possibilities

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About Us

MaxiSense IoTech Limited is a dynamic software technology company that emerged in 2018, founded by a group of visionary tech entrepreneurs. Our passion for innovation and unwavering dedication to quality make us a trusted partner for businesses and organizations looking to embrace the Internet of Things while contributing to a more sustainable, responsible, and caring future. Based in the thriving innovation hub of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, we strategically position ourselves to foster collaborative relationships with like-minded organizations in the technology-driven ecosystem. Our commitment to the expanding landscape of IoT devices drives our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions in carrier-grade cloud management.


Our core offering, the iSmartCloud is a single PaaS platform that addresses a range of verticals, including Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Health, Smart Building, and Smart Protect. Smart Protect is a comprehensive management platform for all IP cameras that enables businesses and organizations to monitor live video feeds for any potential theft or unauthorized access. Our iSmartCloud platform provides real-time alerts and notifications, and allows for remote monitoring and control, providing businesses with the peace of mind they need to protect their assets.

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