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About Us

MaxiSense IoTech limited was formed by a group of experienced and forward-thinking technopreneur in 2018. From the ground up, we have developed a cloud-based carrier-grade management platform for all types of IoT devices - the SensePlus-Manager.  This platform offers end-to-end service enablement capability, couple with uniform management service modules to support the delivery and deployment of IoT solutions at home and in offices, enhancing the after-sales service quality and elevating the customer experience.

About Us


At MaxiSense, our mission is to continuously innovate through new business ideas, unleashing the Internet of Things (IoT) immense power, leveraging Telecom and Internet Service Provider’s network infrastructure to expand and maximise their Return on Investment.

Mission and Vission

Our Deliverables

The SensePlus-Manager provides the platform for the connectivity of “things” to the Internet, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The usage and activity data from IoT is now the “new oil”. 


Data analytics-driven insights are becoming more and more valuable to operations and services. Our core competence is to help our customers seamlessly navigate through the mountains of data, provide feedback and recommendation to users on which scenes and/or automations are most suitable for them. Service providers can benefit from these data analytics by gaining insight into total active mobile App users, the most popular scenes and automations being used, and the categories of products to focus on.

Our exclusive SensePlus-Manager experience also gives Service Providers the ability to evolve their Managed Wi-Fi Services to Managed IoT Services. This enables Customer Service Representatives to remotely manage IoT devices inside a home or office environment, identify and correct any logic error, including those caused by user misconfigurations.

MaxiSense ensures a worry-free environment for all stakeholders in the connected world. As our local or regional business partner, our technology empowers you to create a superior user experience delighting your customers and eventually leading to better brand images and reputation.

Why IoT Managed Services
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