Intelligent SensePlus Management Cloud

The SensePlus-Manager incorporates a set of comprehensive tools to accelerate new service developments that allows Service Providers to access new revenue streams while strengthening the stickiness of existing client relationships, thus resulting in increased average revenue per user (ARPU), and seamless expansion into horizontal market opportunities like elder care, home wellness, while reducing the need for steep upfront investments.


The SensePlus-Manager also allows different vertical-oriented integrator and solution providers to offer their services without duplicating operational infrastructure, resulting in lowered service cost, competitive end-user pricing, and higher conversion rates. The Service Provider can swiftly expand their offerings with any best-of-breed IoT device manufacturer and vertical solutions providers to incorporate and provide 24 x 7 infrastructure support.


Elderly Care

Telehealth Tracking and Monitoring System, gerontech service that support caregivers - NGOs and/or family members.

  • Unquie BLE gateway that eliminate IoT pairing process

  • Data mining for insightful information and pattern recognition

  • AI for health trend and prediction of potential severe outcome

  • Low cost assistive solution for healthcare industry and care homes

  • Plug and play to simplify installation and operation

TT-MoS n APOS.001.jpeg

APOS (Active Pulse Oximeter System), monitor of vital signs - SpO2% and PR designed for community care homes.

  • MaxiSense APOS (Active Pulse Oximeter System) revolutionise patient care by empowering care organisation to remote monitor vital signs - oxygen saturation (SpO2 %) and/or heart beat rate (PR per minute) readings in a continuous, accurate, and non-invasive fashion using cost effective commercial finger pulse oximeter.

  • Management by exception to reduce manpower resources, allow caregivers to focus on identifying and handling patients that deviated from predefined parameters. APOS alarms deliver audible and visual notifications when oxygen saturation (SpO2 %) and/or pulse rate (PR beats per minute) deviated from pre-defined thresholds. 

  • Data collected from every APOS pulse oximeter are stored in SensePlus cloud with consolidated view displayed at a glance over the internet for easy monitoring or further analysed by caregivers via PC or tablet.

TT-MoS n APOS.002.jpeg

ACES (Automated Care Engagement System), home monitor by phone service as point-of-care for caregivers to check on senior ’s health & wellness. Daily call enable ageing-in-place, helps track isolation, loneliness and provide care through proactive check-up calls.

  • Extremely low cost, low entry barrier service (any phone) that provide proactive community care and reactive community support to any elderly wishing to age in place (no training required).

  • Cloud-based voice platform that present pre-recorded call daily to the elderly’s fixed line or mobile phone. Elderly simply leave a message to call-back if assistance is required.

  • Every day, the check-in system will call the elderly to ensure they are OK, i.e. receiving a touch-tone response from their phone. The system will redial on no answer, and after say 3 retries, alert will be raised to family members if elderly remains unreachable.

  • Daily calls could also be made as reminder to take medication, grooming, eating, upcoming medical appointment or even cold weather warning, no data/Wi-Fi required.


Home Safety

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Home Security and Surveillance

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Home Concierge

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